Don Davis ‎– The Matrix (The Complete Edition)


Label: Varèse Sarabande ‎– VSD00301
Format: 3 × Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Green [Glitter-infused]
Country: US
Released: 17 Jul 2021


A1 Logos / The Matrix main title 00:51
A2 Trinity infinity 05:57
A3 Neo con brio 00:31
A4 Follow the white rabbit 00:23
A5 Neo on the edge 03:23
A6 Through the surveillance monitor 00:54
A7 Unable to speak 01:08
A8 Bait and switch 03:15
B1 Switched for life 03:36
B2 Switched at birth 02:41
B3 Switches brew 02:26
B4 Col hearted switch 01:38
B5 Nascent nauseous Neo 03:59
B6 A Morpheus moment 01:38
B7 Bow whisk orchestra 01:22
C1 Domo showdown 01:14
C2 Switch or break show 01:03
C3 Shake, borrow, switch 00:37
C4 Switch works her boa 00:56
C5 Bring me dinner 00:37
C6 The system 00:36
C7 Freeze face 01:51
C8 Switch woks her boar 02:06
C9 Cypher cybernetic 00:57
C10 Ignorance is bliss / cyber cyphernetic 01:48
C11 See who? 00:19
C12 Switch out 02:57
D1 Boon spoy 01:07
D2 Oracle cookies 01:29
D3 Threat mix 06:03
D4 Exit mr. Hat 02:55
D5 On your knees, switch 04:43
E1 Mix the art 02:09
E2 Whoa, switch broke 04:00
E3 The cure 01:34
E4 It’s the smell 01:56
E5 The lobby 00:27
E6 No more spoons 01:01
E7 Dodge this 01:07
E8 Fast learning 00:44
E9 Ontological shock 04:16
F1 That’s gonna hurt 05:16
F2 Surprise 04:04
F3 He’s the one alright 06:50

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